Don’t Lose Your Riding Privileges!

Follow These Rules

Be Cautious Of The Vehicle: For everyone’s enjoyment we would like to keep our
vehicles in pristine condition. Please respect the vehicle like you would your own. Take
precaution for the vehicle and all of its equipment inside as well as your driver responsible for
your safe travels. In the vehicle are Plasma LCD TV’s great for entertainment, but fragile so be
cautious. Also in the vehicle are emergency windows and an emergency hatch, these are for your
safety and must not be opened at any time during your trip unless in an absolute emergency. Any
passenger who does not abide by these rules will be removed from the vehicle.

Stay Seated While In Motion: Passengers must stay seated at all times when the vehicle is
in motion. If the driver has to stop suddenly to avoid a vehicle, a pedestrian or any other accident
he or she must be able to do so. Any passengers standing in the aisle while the vehicle is in
motion can be harmed in the case of a sudden stop. It is for your safety and those around you to
stay seated until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

Keeping The Bus Clean: Our luxury vehicles come equipped with many amenities,
unfortunately at this time tables are not one of them. There is nowhere to properly secure any
food in the vehicle and for this reason we do not allow food in any of the vehicles.

No Fighting: The safety and welfare of the passengers depends on proper behavior on the
vehicle at all times. There is no fighting, pushing or shoving on the vehicle, any riders who do
not follow these regulations will be removed from the vehicle immediately.

Alcohol Consumption: We do not provide alcohol to any passengers at any time. If every
passenger in your group is 21 or older you are more than welcome to bring your own. The driver
will check ID’s before any alcohol will be allowed on board. Any passenger under 21 who is
found to either be in possession of alcohol or to have consumed alcohol at any time during the
trip will be removed from the vehicle immediately and their parent or guardian will be contacted.
If the driver finds any alcohol in the vehicle with groups under the legal age of 21 he or she has
every right to terminate the trip with no refund.

No Smoking: There is absolutely no smoking in any of the vehicles. This includes but is not
limited to cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff, tobacco, hookah or any other illegal substances. Any
passenger who does not act in accordance with these rules will be removed from the vehicle.
There is a $250 odor removal service fee for any groups in violation of these regulations. Terms & Conditions

Authorization & Payment Policy: A Major Credit Card is required as an authorization to reserve your vehicle(s), until full payment is received and cleared. You must fax back to us in a timely manner your Credit Card Authorization and Reservation Request Form, signed and dated. Once we receive your forms we will send you an Invoice and Contract detailing your Final Total Costs and payment due dates. In the case of bookings of more than 30 days prior to the Charter date a 30% deposit should be paid no later than 7 days upon receipt of Invoice/Contract Date, with Full Payment Received no later than 21 days before the Charter date. Charters of 30 days or less require full payment no more than 48 hours of Invoice/Contract Date. Reservations of 48 hours or less in advance of departure date require payment via Credit Card. If full payment is not received in a timely manner consistent with these Terms & Conditions the Company holds the right to charge to the Clients Credit Card the remaining balance of the Charter Cost. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE UPON AGGREED PAYMENT/DEPOSIT DATES ON YOUR INVOICE OR YOUR CHARTER RISKS CANCELLATION.IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR CONTRACT OR INVOICE PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICES IMMEDIATELY.
Purchase Order Policy: We accept purchase orders from all School systems (private & public), Government agencies, Colleges and Universities throughout the US. Other entities must contact AA Getaway Coaches for approval. We do not accept purchase orders for reservations of less than $500.00. All Purchase Orders require a valid Credit Card on file with Net Payment due no later than 21 days from reservation date. All Other Terms & Conditions as well as Cancellation & Overtime Policies apply to Purchase Orders; Terms are non-negotiable. We do not accept Purchase Orders from private clients.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received in writing by either fax, mail or messenger or a manner deemed acceptable by the Company. Customer will be held responsible for 30% of the Charter Amount for cancellations of greater than 8 days; Customer shall be held responsible for 100% of the full Charter Amount if Cancellation is less than 7 days. Scheduled Prom and Wedding Events shall receive no refund regardless of the time of cancellation. There is a $40 cancellation fee per vehicle which will be charged to the Customers credit card regardless of the time of cancellation. This Charter agreement is subject to cancellation if full payment is not made by the agreed upon due date.
Overtime & Itinerary Change Policy: Your Final Cost is based on the services detailed in your Final Confirmation and is subject to change according to the actual itinerary. More than one change to your itinerary will result in a $40 fee. Overtime Rates will be detailed in your Charter Contract.
Other Policies: We reserve the right hold a a refundable cleaning deposit for certain events where alcohol or high risk passengers are on board. We reserve the right to lease, or sub-contract equipment from third parties to fulfill the terms of this agreement. We shall not be held responsible for items lost, stolen or left in our vehicles. We shall not be held responsible for time lost due to mechanical failure or inclement weather. We cannot guarantee the availability of any driver(s) or vehicle(s). All reservations are on a first come first serve basis. Clients will be held responsible for any or all damage(s) to interior or exterior of chartered vehicle(s) that may result from the Clients negligence. A cleaning deposit may be required for certain types of reservations. We will not be held responsible for items lost, stolen, damaged or left in any of our vehicles. Any complaints or issues must be sent to our office in writing via Fax or Email within 72 hours of charter completion or we will consider our agreement satisfied. Any quote given by us is non-binding and valid for no more than thirty days.