Traveling to prom and enjoying the night afterwards is something that doesn’t have to be boring or standard—especially when you use NYC prom party buses & limos for your upcoming prom event. Whether you’re interested in 18-Passenger Hummer Limos – Wedding, NYC Party Rental or other types of NYC prom party buses & limos, consider the following ways you can use rental party buses and other vehicles to turn your prom into the most exciting night of the year.

#1: Make the trip to your prom destination exciting

There’s no reason that the ride to your prom destination has to be boring or ordinary! Instead of simply arriving at prom in a boring old car with your GPS interrupting the radio every few seconds to give you decorations, why not get the party started early with a party or limousine rental? You won’t have to worry about driving, directions or any other boring detail: You can listen to music, enjoy non-alcoholic drinks, and party it up with your best friends even before you step foot at your upcoming prom.

#2: Keep the party going afterward

Prom can end pretty early, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop the party! If you want to keep dancing, laughing and having fun with your friends after prom, all you need to do is rent! You can keep your prom party going for hours afterward when you choose a party bus rental, 18-Passenger Hummer Limos – Wedding, NYC Party Rental or any other party vehicle rental.

#3: Create special memories with your friends

Prom itself is a very special memory, but you can up the ante when it comes to memorable moments of that night when you choose to have a private party bus rental for your closest friends. Your friends will definitely appreciate the chance to make great memories together, especially if you’re in your last year of high school!

#4: Save money (yes, really!)

It may seem surprising but yes, you can actually save money when you rent a party bus or limousine for your prom event! How do you save money? If everyone pools their money together, the rental party vehicle will actually cost less than it would for everyone to drive themselves—or for you and your friends to find an after-prom party space where you can dance the rest of the night away.